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About Us

About Us

It all started with an idea. Collingdale Library was established in 1937 by the Collingdale Women's Club who believed that a Public Library would be a vital part of the community. In order to start the Library they asked for book and monetary donations from the community. The Library opened in the Collingdale Borough Hall. They soon outgrew that space and moved to the old Trinity Episcopal Church. The Library was built at its current location and opened in the fall of 1978. Collingdale  Library serves a diverse population and our mission is to promote education, community engagement, children's enrichment programs on site and with the cooperation of the Delaware County Library System. 


Her name is Kitty Carlisle and she's our 2nd Library cat. We had Loribelle who was a stray that we adopted. Then the pandemic happened and one of our staff took her in and fell in love with her and wanted to keep her. Enter Kitty Carlisle who was also a stray and is now living her best life. She's totally spoiled and we have Patron's come in with kitty treats all the time to spoil her even more. When we're closed she can be seen at the front window watching the world go by. We've had people come and sit on our benches just to see Kitty Carlisle and "play" with her through the window. 

Did you know that Collingdale Library has a Library cat?

Kitty Carlisle
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